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The Cost of Waiting for Mortgage Rates To Go Down

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Mortgage rates have increased significantly in recent weeks. And that may mean you have questions about what this means for you if you’re planning to buy a home. Here’s some information that…

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How To Prep Your House for Sale This Fall

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Today’s housing market is different than it was just a few months ago. And if you’re thinking about selling your house, that may leave you wondering what you need to do differently…

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Why Buying a Home May Make More Sense Than Renting [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights If you’re trying to decide whether to rent or buy a home, consider the advantages homeownership offers. Buying a home can help you escape the cycle of rising rents, it’s…

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If You’re Thinking of Selling Your House This Fall, Hire a Pro

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Today’s market is at a turning point, making it more essential than ever to work with a real estate professional. Not only will a trusted real estate advisor keep you updated and…

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What Experts Say Will Happen with Home Prices Next Year

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Experts are starting to make their 2023 home price forecasts. As they do, most agree homes will continue to gain value, just at a slower pace. Over the past couple of years,…

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Top Reasons Homeowners Are Selling Their Houses Right Now

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Some people believe there’s a group of homeowners who may be reluctant to sell their houses because they don’t want to lose the historically low mortgage rate they have on their current…

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Watching the Stock Market? Check the Value of Your Home for Good News.

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While watching the stock market recently may have started to feel pretty challenging, checking the value of your home should come as welcome relief in this volatile time. If you’re a homeowner,…

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Will My House Still Sell in Today’s Market?

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If recent headlines about the housing market cooling and buyer demand moderating have you worried you’ve missed your chance to sell, here’s what you need to know. Buyer demand hasn’t disappeared, it’s just…

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A Crucial First Step: Mortgage Pre-Approval [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights Mortgage pre-approval means a lender has reviewed your finances and, based on factors like your income, debt, and credit history, determined how much you’re qualified to borrow. Being pre-approved for…

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Buyers Are Regaining Some of Their Negotiation Power in Today’s Housing Market

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If you’re thinking about buying a home today, there’s welcome news. Even though it’s still a sellers’ market, it’s a more moderate sellers’ market than last year. And the days of feeling…

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Is the Real Estate Market Slowing Down, or Is This a Housing Bubble?

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The talk of a housing bubble in the coming year seems to be at a fever pitch as rising mortgage rates continue to slow down an overheated real estate market. Over the…

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Three Things Buyers Can Do in Today’s Housing Market

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It’s clear the 2022 housing market has been defined by rising mortgage rates. With rates on the rise, it’s also become more costly to purchase a home. According to the National Association…

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Getting Your House Ready To Sell? Work with an Agent for Expert Advice

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In a market that’s shifting as fast as it is today, many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be renovated before they sell their house. That’s where a trusted real estate…

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Why It’s So Important To Hire a Pro [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, you’ll want a trusted real estate professional on your side for their industry experience and expert insights. The right advisor utilizes…

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Should I Sell My House This Year?

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There’s no denying the housing market is undergoing a shift this season as buyer demand slows and the number of homes for sale grows. But that shift actually gives you some unique benefits…

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Expert Forecasts on Mortgage Rates

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If you’ve been thinking of buying a home, you may have been watching what’s happened with mortgage rates over the past year. It’s true they’ve risen dramatically, but where will they go…

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How Owning a Home Builds Your Net Worth

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Owning a home is a major financial milestone and an achievement to take pride in. One major reason: the equity you build as a homeowner gives your net worth a big boost….

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Honoring the American Workforce

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Wishing you a happy and safe Labor Day.

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Here’s Why It’s Still a Sellers’ Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights While buyer demand has moderated and housing supply has grown in recent months, it’s still a sellers’ market because inventory is low. The latest data shows sellers continue to benefit…

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New Homes May Have the Incentives You’re Looking for Today

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this year, builders are on pace to complete more than a million new homes in this country. If you’ve had trouble finding a home to buy…

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